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Interpretation at a presentation or interview - United States

Interpretation at a presentation - United States

Presentation is a good way to introduce your product, research, or any other type of new information to the public or a closed group of people. There are, however, situations, when your audience does not speak or understand your language and you will need to hire an interpreter to assist you during the presentation. There are two modes of interpreting at presentations - simultaneous or consecutive. A simultaneous interpretation at a presentation in United States is less accurate, but it is real-time and does not impose any delays and might be the right choice since usually, a time, allocated for a presenter is limited to 20-30 minutes. A simultaneous interpretation of a short presentation can be performed without special equipment and by a single interpreter. However, if the presentation session takes several hours, it is advisable to rent conference interpretation equipment and hire two interpreters, who can exchange each other every 20-25 minutes to maintain a high quality of the interpretation of presentations. In some cases, you can also use a consecutive interpretation at a presentation in United States. However, you should bear in mind that this type of interpretation imposes a delay, as you will have to take breaks in your speech to allow the interpreter to translate it to the audience.

Now, what will you do if you are not a presenter, but rather a listener at a presentation which is delivered in a language different from yours? Well, for such cases you will most probably need a whispered interpretation - either simultaneous or consecutive. Whispered interpretation at a presentation in United States is provided for an individual or a small group of listeners, where an interpreter whispers a presenter's speech directly into your ear or transmits it into your headphones using a microphone and infrared transmitter. While using whispered interpretation services, it is advisable for the interpreter to sit far enough from the speaker's location and main audience, so that they are not disturbed by the interpretation.

A daily rate of interpretation at a presentation depends on the interpretation mode: simultaneous or consecutive, on the venue locations, presentation specialization, and the language. The price of an interpretation at a presentation in United States may vary from 200 to 700 EUR per day, depending on the type of interpretation provided, the level of the interpreter, and the topic of a presentation.

If you want to deliver a presentation with an interpreter at the highest level, we advise you to provide a full text of your presentation to the interpreter in advance, so that the interpreter has sufficient time for preparation.  

To get the most out of your presentation session with an interpreter, we advise you to do the following: 

  • Inform the interpreter about the topics to be covered during your presentation. Make sure the interpreter is comfortable with interpreting on your topic
  • Try to be in constant contact with the interpreter and the coordinator of your presentation session. Inform the interpreter on how you want to run your presentation session and the importance of the presentation.
  • Send a copy of your presentation to the interpreter at least 5-7 days before your session. This will provide an interpreter the possibility to read the content and prepare the vocabulary.
  • Note, that some words and phrases from your presentation cannot be translated into other languages. Try to keep the language as simple as possible and remove very specific words and consult your interpreter for possible cultural changes in a presentation.
  • Provide the interpreter with details of the location, available interpretation equipment, and the number of attendees expected.
  • Ask the interpreter to arrive early to ensure there is time to clarify any questions they may have. Remind the interpreter to only interpret what you have said without adding additional phrases.
  • Make a paper copy of your presentation and give it to the interpreter
  • Once the presentation session is started, introduce the interpreter to the audience and thank the interpreter for assisting you.
  • Usually, the best place for the interpreter to stand is behind and slightly to the side of the presenter. Also, if you are using a microphone, the interpreter will need access to a microphone.
  • Face the audience during the presentation and do not talk directly to the interpreter.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, in short intervals to allow time for the interpreter to interpret.

If you follow the above steps, your presentation will be delivered to a foreign audience in the best possible way.

Interpretation at an interview - United States

Most interviews are interpreted in a consecutive mode, which means that the time you need for an interview will be doubled. There are different types of interviews that you might attend. Interpretation of visa or immigration interview in United States is usually required when you apply for a visa in a consulate or embassy of a foreign country and the officer would like to check your background and find the reasons for your travel or immigration in their country. If you do not speak the same language as the immigration officer, you will need an interview interpreter.

A job interview interpretation may be required if you would like to hire a foreign worker or employee in United States and do not speak his language, but you need to assess a background of candidates by asking interview questions and getting his or her answers interpreted into your language.

One of the most enjoyable assignments for interpreters is interpreting during the celebrity interview in United States - movie stars, football players, politicians, scientists, authors, or dancers. As this type of interview usually involves video recording, which will be later shown to the wide public, an interpretation must be performed as smoothly as possible. We, therefore, advise you to hire a professional interview interpreter in United States for such events or perform the interpretation offline.