Interpretation equipment United States

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Interpretation equipment in United States

Interpreting equipment in United States

Here you can find and offer the best interpreting equipment in United States. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most complex types of language use. Conference interpreters are using very specialized equipment and are working in a soundproof simultaneous interpreting booth. Most of the conferences are held in simultaneous interpretation mode and use simultaneous interpretation equipment. There are cheap solutions and highly reliable, but costly alternatives. While selecting conference interpretation equipment utmost care has to be taken. As it is not trivial, we recommend finding a company that specializes in such equipment and not just an audiovisual company. Most of the professional conference interpretation and translation agencies will either have their own equipment or have a working relationship with such specialized companies. You can purchase conference interpreter services and rent simultaneous interpretation equipment from the same company.

What kind of simultaneous interpretation equipment setups exist out there?

There are three types of setups: Permanent installations are used in large conference facilities, like in United Nations, the European Parliament. These centers held conferences on almost daily, so they need simultaneous interpreting equipment permanently. These include small rooms used as a booth. This is a very comfortable and convenient setup, but it is not mobile and not price effective if used occasionally.

Portable/mobile setups are mostly used in hotels and other venues, which does not have permanent installations. For such venues portable (mobile) booths have to be transported and installed before the event. Such equipment needs to have at least to sits per booth per language, as simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs. For some major conferences, there are three interpreters per booth per language. Generally, portable interpreter booths have the same features as permanent ones, but the equipment is easily foldable and transportable.

Whispering Equipment is a portable set consisting of a microphone, wireless handheld transmitter, and wireless receivers for listeners. It is well suited for seminars and tours with a few listeners and is not suitable for large conferences.

What equipment is used within the simultaneous interpretation booth?

Simultaneous Interpreter Console is a part of the simultaneous interpretation equipment, which has a gooseneck microphone, an electronic box with audio connections for the interpreter headset and the interpreter microphone. Since two or three interpreters are involved, there must be as many headsets and microphones as there are interpreters. The console has several switches: language switches, volume, bass, treble, microphone switches. Also, each interpreter needs an Interpreter Headset, which is provided by the audio technician. Headsets must be binaural so that the interpreter is able to hear the original speech with both ears. Interpreter microphones shall be of good quality. Usually, the integrated into a headset microphones are used, which are attached to the headset with a special flexible gooseneck arm, as they are the most convenient and comfortable option, which provides constant distance between the mouth and microphone while moving their head. Sometimes the microphones are integrated into a console, but this option is less convenient. Also, tabletop microphones considered to be not reliable as the interpreter may accidentally move the microphone when it is on, and the resulting sound may be very unpleasant for the listeners. Therefore headset microphones are certainly the best ones! Some other equipment that is used in a simultaneous interpretation booth is appropriate lighting, ventilation fans, chairs, internet, and power connections. Wireless receivers for delegates/listeners receive the voice produced by interpreters, which is fed into a wireless transmitter and then transmitted into receivers and headsets of each delegate.