Medical translation United States

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Medical documents translation - United States

Medical translation - United States

Medical translations are very demanded and require a qualified approach from the translator. If you were treated abroad and then moved back home where your treatment continues, your home doctor will need a medical report, so it needs to be translated. Also, to treat and prevent illnesses, many medical scientists carry out medical researchers and heavily rely on each other’s results. Therefore, the information in the medical field is permanently cited and published. Qualified medical translations in United States are essential to provide you with a professional translation of medical documentation. Among the regularly translated medical documents are:

  • Covid-19 translations, medical reports, statistical data translation.
  • Pharmaceutical regulations, medical reports, clinical studies, medical patents.
  • Surgery, gynecology, anesthesia, cardiology, internal medicine.
  • Dentistry, endodontics, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics.
  • Operating manuals for medical devices, drug approval procedures, diagrams, patient data.
  • Journals, conference reports, publications, projects and research reports, results of medical studies.
  • Reports of research, medical test reports, leaflets, dosages for products, clinical trial results.

Medical field using a large number of complex medical terminology and technical terms. This imposes not only in-depth medical knowledge but also an experience with the medical jargon to translators. Also, the translation of medical documents has to be extremely accurate and understandable. Medical documents often contain confidential patients data, which has to be treated with a high degree of privacy. If you are looking for translations for pharmaceuticals, medicine, dentistry, medical engineering, be sure to find the right and qualified translator with experience and knowledge in those fields. A translation of medical documents has to be performed with extra care since the results fo translation can affect someone's health or even life. That is why a medical translator, in addition to linguistic expertise must have a medical and interdisciplinary background. You can find and hire a qualified medical translator in United States by browsing our website and filtering among the translators. We have many medical translators, who work with the following language pairs: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, and other languages. 

The price of a medical document translation in United States depends on many factors. The first factor being the urgency and complexity of the medical document. A technical translation of a general datasheet of the medical device can be done within a few hours, while a translation of the clinical study might take several days or weeks and will cost more. A source and target language may also affect the price of the medical document translation, so a medical translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of patient data from Thai to Bulgarian will cost much higher compared to a translation from Italian to Spanish, simply because fewer certified translators available for this language combination. Also, if you need an urgent medical translation in United States, you can expect a 20 to 25% increase in price.  An average price for a medical translation in United States is 0.07 to 0.12 EUR per word, while a translation of a medical A4 page costs in the range of 15-35 EUR.