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Website, software and games localization - United States

Website, software and games localization - United States

The website and software localization is particularly attractive for translators and developers. Translators can use their complete expertise to help the users while developers come into contact with a new audience. The high technology tools and certified procedures that translators use in software localization, websites, mobile applications, games are usually adapted appropriately to comply fully with the modern software localization requirements. Thanks to the localization services translators provide, their customers can promote their products in foreign globally. Localization experts can help you with software localization service, which includes the translation of software user interfaces, help-related files, manuals, and tools, as well as corporate documentation and packaging, license agreements, disclaimers, warranties, and other related information. They will create a project plan and re-integrate source software into translatable formats, allowing for text translation. You can order a localization of the software in all environments, like Microsoft, Apple, Android, Unix, Mobile, Java, C++, MSDN, .Net. Most of the localization specialists and translators use Catalyst, Multilizer, and Passolo as localization tools for EXE/DLL, RC, MFC, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, XML, ResX, Delphi, databases, Palm, Symbian, C++, Windows application, PO.

High qualification and experience in professional translation and software localization guarantees efficiency, and high quality of implementation. Our platform will help to put you in touch with the great software and website localization experts and translators. On Babr, you can find and hire a qualified website or software localization translators in United States to translate your website, software or games into one of the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Norwegian, and other languages. 

Among the regularly localized software are:

  • Web content translation, e-commerce, mobile applications, trading platforms
  • CMS platforms, product sheets, content writing, SEO writing
  • Applications for Microsoft, Apple, Android, Unix, Mobile, Java, C++, MSDN, .Net.
  • Supported languages: EXE/DLL, RC, MFC, Visual Basic, Java, XML, ResX, Delphi, Palm, C++, etc.
  • Supported text formats .doc, .htm, .php, .asp, .xml, java, google sheets, etc.

The price of a software of website localization in United States depends on many factors. The first factor being the type of software and the environments it is running. Localization of a simple .php or javascript game can be performed within a few days, while localization of complex CRM system might take several weeks or months and will cost more. A source and target language may also affect the price of the software or website localization, so a translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, localization of an online trading platform from Japanese into Mongolian will cost much higher compared to localization from English to Italian, just because fewer localization translators available for this language combination. Also, if you need an urgent localization translation in United States, you can expect up to 50% increase in price. An average price for a localization of the app, containing 500 words would cost you between 70 and 150 EUR per language. If you plan to localize a CRM system or online shop templates, containing 3000-5000 words you can expect the price to be 600-1000 EUR per language.